Porch-Traits 2020 Pandemic


Thank you to everyone who signed up for our Porch-Traits in support of Campaign Zero! Through their generosity, we were able to raise a total of $3430 and 100% of the donations went to Campaign Zero! We appreciate all the support we received. We want to thank an unnamed benefactor who matched up to $500! for a total of $3930!

On a personal note, I want to mention that I’m incredibly proud of my nephew, Jevan, for spending so much of his time on this project. During this time of great turmoil throughout the country, he was able to channel his frustrations into something positive. It’s very encouraging for me to see these types of actions with his generation. Huge props!

And a huge thanks to Mark Cafiero! He reached out to us with interest regarding taking on some sessions. He did so by offering to be an additional photographer with no strings attached. He just wanted to help and be part of the solution. That’s the mindset we need right now, and it’s much appreciated!

Photography: Shawn Herbert, Jevan Dass, and Mark Cafiero